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We are Olga and Errol, a Swiss-Russian couple.

Our travels bring us to many fascinating places and give us an opportunity to encounter unique cultures and traditions. Rather than keeping emotions and impressions for ourselves, we decided to create a website to share our images and stories from around the world.

The main focus of our travel photography site is unique cultures and traditions around the world. We would like to expand awareness about unique but unfortunately fast disappearing customs, traditions and culture. We attempt to witness the cultural diversity and testify to human imagination.

In our modern world, we are losing what is the most important – we are loosing our identity, our uniqueness. The cultural, ethnic, traditional and religious differences are that make our world so beautiful.

The fast pace of development and the pressure of the invasive globalisation process lead to the degradation of cultures, traditions and architecture. People tend to look alike, dress alike, and eat alike whether they are in the remote Pacific Islands, the jungles of Malaysia or in the busy New York. The cities are becoming clones of each other. Local specialities are almost invisible behind the international fast-food chains. Beautiful hand-made traditional clothing is almost abandoned in favour of big brands or cheap “Made in China” synthetic imitations. Despite the destructive impact of globalisation, some ethnic groups hold onto their identities, and we wish to pay tribute to these remarkable people. We also wish to raise an alarm that the cultures are vanishing fast, and there is no return.

We use photography as a powerful tool to speak up for those who need a voice. Some of our stories carry strong emotions and memories.

We try to discover lesser known, remote and off-the-beaten-path places. We want to show the beauty and diversity of our planet. We also try to find something interesting in the ordinary and show familiar places from a different perspective.

Our site is for curious and passionate travellers.For those who want to avoid the crowds, who enjoy the unknown and who like to get lost.

Our site is also a place to find practical information on travel and photography related topics. We share our personal travel experience and provide practical advice acquired during many years of travel.


We have always liked to travel to lesser-known and off-the-beaten-path destinations. We have been to the most remote places on earth, from Nagorno-Karabakh to Papua New Guinea, and have met some extraordinary people. We have been dropped by small one-engine planes on grass airstrips surrounded by dense tropical rainforest, we have travelled hours and days by a small canoe, and have spent days hiking through rainforests and steep muddy mountains to reach remote villages.

After having spent four years in expatriation, we decided to take a break in our professional careers so that Olga could realise her passion and begin the project – documenting endangered cultures and traditions around the world before they disappear. We loved what we were doing. We didn’t quit our jobs to escape the famous “nine-to-five” life but rather to realise a dream. Travelling to off-the-beaten-path places to make interesting photo stories requires even longer hours. It’s rather a hard work than a leisure travel. It’s tough but highly rewarding.

Now our belongings are reduced to our backpacks. We are drawn to the places we haven’t heard much of before, and we are more interested in people, about their cultures and traditions rather than the “must see” places.

We have no fixed itinerary. We are living in the present and drifting with the flow in search of unexpected discoveries, unique cultures, customs and traditions struggling to survive under the pressure of modernisation. We are immersing ourselves into the colours, smells, and sounds. We are learning about the world around us, we are evolving and discovering ourselves in a way that only travelling can do.

We want to awaken your curiosity and make you go down the rabbit hole to see where you will end up. The world is a stunning place, and traveling is unpredictable and fascinating. We invite you to go with us to different corners of the world.



Travel Perspectives

Two galleries with a little bit of us and friends while exploring or hiking, including a few rococo grid montage on each gallery.


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