About our website ∞ ANYWAYINAWAY
Travel photography website with a special focus on cultures and traditions, festivals, ceremonies, and rituals, ethnic minorities and indigenous people.
travel photography, tribal photography, cultures, traditions, festivals, ceremonies, rituals, indigenous people, ethnic minorities, tribes
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The main focus of our travel photography website is cultures and traditions around the world. We attempt to witness the cultural diversity and testify to human imagination.

About anywayinaway.com


The main focus of our travel photography website is cultures and traditions around the world. We attempt to witness the cultural diversity and testify to human imagination.

We use photography as a tool to raise an alarm that cultures are vanishing fast, and there is no return. In our modern world, we are losing something very important – we are losing our identity, our uniqueness. Cultural, ethnic, and religious differences are what make our world so beautiful. The fast pace of development and globalisation lead to the degradation of cultures and traditions.

But some ethnic groups hold onto their identities, and we wish to pay tribute to these remarkable people. Many century-old traditions still exist, and we are travelling to discover those. We witness some extraordinary customs, ceremonies and rituals, and we meet some incredible people who open their homes and souls to us.

We believe in going out there and creating the work we are passionate about. Our culture-driven travelling often brings us to some remote and incredibly beautiful places, and you will see many images showing the beauty and diversity of our planet. But sometimes you don’t need to go far away, there are hidden treasures just around the corner. We always try to find something interesting in the ordinary and show familiar places from a different perspective.

We are always in search of unique cultural practices and undiscovered places. If you know something that may interest us, please let us know. Any ideas are welcome.

Our stories are dedicated to all the people we met.

NB: We plan to make our website in two languages. For now, English remains the main language, with some stories and blog posts translated in French.


We are Olga and Errol, a Swiss-Russian couple, who have created ANYWAYINAWAY to showcase the diversity of our world with the main focus on customs and traditions, ethnic minorities and tribal people. Our images and stories are a small window in their unique way of life.

We have always been passionate about travelling. We explored some remote places on earth, from Nagorno-Karabakh to Papua New Guinea, and met some extraordinary people. We were dropped by small one-engine planes on grass airstrips surrounded by dense tropical rainforest, we travelled hours and days by a small canoe, and spent days hiking through rainforests and steep muddy mountains to reach remote villages.

Recently, after four years spent in expatriation, we decided to take a break in our professional careers so that Olga could realise her passion and project – document endangered cultures and traditions around the world before they disappear.

Olga’s search for compelling images and fascination with diverse cultures and traditions have brought her to many places all over the world.

About Olga

Grown up in Russia, more than 20 years ago Olga moved to Switzerland, where she discovered her passion for photography, inspired by its power to convey stories. From the moment, she picked up the camera for the first time, her obsession began and she couldn’t put her camera down. Neither couldn’t she stop the burning desire to see the world, camera in hand. Or maybe it all started in her childhood, when she used to watch the popular Russian TV show “Around the World”…

Olga is more interested in people and how they live rather than the “must see” places. She feels very fortunate to be invited into people’s homes and being given the opportunity to share their life and photograph some intimate moments and unique rituals.

Olga worked in project management in international development before taking a career break to realise this project together with Errol.

Errol’s technical skills and experience in graphic design and communication make our website alive.

About Errol

Prior to embarking on the project and taking a career break, Errol worked in different areas, from IT to international development. If Olga is the photographer and responsible for background research and planning, all technical aspects of our website, graphic design, and communication are in Errol’s hands. He is also a generator of (crazy) ideas.

As a true Swiss, Errol gets excited every time he finds thermal baths, cheese and chocolate, and he has a secret love affair with Victorinox.

The paradox is that he likes the sedentary way of life, the northern hemisphere and the beauty of the four seasons. But there is much to learn when you come out of your comfort zone… Errol is also a vegetarian since 1993.