Errol decided to join Olga in her project to document the disappearing cultures and traditions around the world. All technical aspects of the blog, graphic design, and communication are the examples of his role in the project.

If Olga is a generator of ideas and responsible for background research and organisation of our travels, Errol puts everything through a practical filter. He is great at optimising costs, and he is a packing genius – strings, needles, sticky tape, adapters, screwdrivers and whatever he packs become all of a sudden the most useful items.

The paradox is that he likes the sedentary way of life and the northern hemisphere, with its freshness and the symphony of four seasons. But he loves the unknown and the unexpected, the mysteries of the world. There is much to learn when you come out of your comfort zone.

Errol considers himself an extraverted introvert – empty chat and official receptions aren’t for him. Sincerity and trust are the main pillars for him – words and actions must go together. Errol likes the tranquillity and solitude but he also likes action and dynamic interactions with people. Vegetarian since 1993, he isn’t doing too bad.