Photography, extensive research and organisation of our travels, that’s all in Olga’s hands. Prior to taking a break in her professional career to travel and document the endangered cultures and traditions around the world, Olga worked in project management in development.

Olga discovered her passion for photography during her previous travels inspired by its power to convey stories. Her search for compelling images and her fascination with the world’s diverse cultures have brought her to many places all over the world.

Passionate about unique cultures and the world’s diversity, she is currently travelling the world with the intention to document endangered cultures, especially those of ethnic minorities and tribal people, before they disappear. Cultures, traditions and customs are under the intense pressure from the invasive globalisation process, and they will vanish very soon without the global awareness and collective consciousness.

Olga feels very fortunate to be invited into people’s homes and being given the opportunity to live amongst those, who have not forgotten the old ways, to share their life and celebrations, and to photograph unique moments and traditional rituals.

“Errol and myself are not only a family, but also members of the same team, in which each of us has different functions. Wandering together on the streets of unknown cities, witnessing extraordinary cultural customs and traditions in some isolated places, hiking in the jungles covered in mud and eaten by the hordes of mosquitoes, sleeping on the floor in someone’s hut, eating a bowl of noodles in the middle of nowhere, and admiring a stunning sunset on a deserted beach is the best thing that can happen!”.