Behind the satin curtains of a Chinese opera

Chinese Opera, combining literature, drama and musical performance, is one of the ancient art forms in the world, which has been entertaining the......

November, 2017

Papua New Guinea Festivals: Enga Show

Unique and still intact culture, extravaganza of colours, body and face paint, impressive headdresses, traditional songs and frenzied dances make Enga Cultural Show a spectacular event. Its off-the-be...

August, 2017

Dumpling syndrome, or Baba Nyonya food culture

Vivid blue or brown, pyramid-shaped and wrapped in bamboo leaves, these traditional dumplings, Nyonya Chang and Bak Chang, are the cornerstone of Baba Nyonya food culture in Melaka. They are attract...

May, 2017

Chingay ritual, a special ending of the Chinese New Year

Chingay ritual, spanning across five days, is one of the oldest celebrations in Malaysia running for over a century. This annual tradition of Johor Bahru marks the end of the Chinese New Year. Althoug...

May, 2017

Papua New Guinea Culture & Traditions: Baining Fire Dance

Sacred and captivating Baining Fire Dance is unique to the Baining people living in the mountain forests of East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea. Performed only on rare occasions, the initi...

April, 2017

Papua New Guinea: National Mask Festival in East New Britain

Mysterious and feared Duk-Duk, Kinavai ceremony, impressively dressed dancers from West New Britain, New Ireland and other provinces of Papua New Guinea with their elaborate ancestral and spirit mas...

April, 2017

Papua New Guinea: Bougainville Reeds Festival

The Reeds Festival, held in Arawa town on the remote Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea, is the unique opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of the island. The festival is an ...

March, 2017

Papua New Guinea: Gulf Mask Festival

The Gulf people don’t have many opportunities to participate in sing sing, the traditional festivals organised in other provinces. Attending the Gulf Mask Festival is a rare occasion to catch a glim...

March, 2017

Ten kilos of roses please: Pak Khlong Talat Flower market in Bangkok

Pak Khlong Talat is the biggest flower market in Bangkok. This bustling and authentic market is a fascinating place to visit, especially for those, who are looking for lesser known and off the usual t...

March, 2017