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We are creative individuals with years of photography and travel experience making us a good team to partner up with.

Professionals in the area of humanitarian development, in our early forties, with a passion for travel and photography, we are available for assignments worldwide – no area is too remote or inaccessible for us.

During many years of travelling, our passion for traditional culture and adventure has brought us to many unique and remote places on earth, from Nagorno-Karabakh to Papua New Guinea. We are always interested in exploring new destinations and unique places, and we are currently travelling with no return ticket.

Quality images are the business card of our website. Doing photography for many years, Olga has a large collection of photographs. Her captivating images can be used for many purposes – advertising, marketing or print.

We focus on unique culture and traditions around the world, and remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Our website targets passionate and curious travellers with an emphasis on photography, culture, and adventure. Our website is also a place to find our personal travel experiences, useful information about destinations, travel and photography related topics, and practical advice acquired during many years of travels.

We want to inspire and motivate our readers to travel. We present destinations from a personal perspective, find something interesting in the ordinary and showcase individuality of each place. Our interesting stories and photographs, which are born during our travels, inspire to explore the world.



Looking for quality images? A picture is worth a thousand words.

You can buy our images to promote your destination, support your article or simply because you love them!

You can hire our photography services for your projects. We create quality, professionally edited, high-resolution images that can be used for advertising, marketing, or print.

We are particularly looking forward to working with magazines and other media in search for images for their publications. We are available for photo assignments worldwide – no area is too remote or inaccessible for us.


Looking for original and interesting photo stories or you need an article about a specific destination or subject? We can provide you with our photo stories or write an article, from location-based writing to general travel and photography tips & tricks. We can write in 3 languages – English, French and Russian.

We also provide quality, professionally edited, high-resolution images to support the written content.


Want to attract more people to your destination or tour? We can help you out!

We happily accept press trips. We are open to one-off press trips as well as long-term campaigns for greater promotional impact. With years of experience in remote and off-the-beaten track destinations, we can build a unique itinerary. Quality images are supplied to support the written content.

We are particularly interested in working with tourism boards. We will create and share a unique travel experience together with quality images to increase your exposure.


If you are a brand or company that we love and trust, and if you are looking for creative options for marketing campaigns, we can be your brand ambassadors. As your long-term partner, we will assist you in building customer preferences and brand recognition.


With the humanitarian background and experience in development, we are happy to assist in supporting humanitarian initiatives, community-based projects and socially responsible businesses – projects that positively impact local communities, cultures, and environment.

You can hire our photography services to promote your destination, tour, brand, hotel and any other content needs. We create professionally edited high-resolution images that can be used for advertising, social media or print.

We are available for travel photo assignments worldwide. No area is too remote or inaccessible for us.


Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best way to market your product. We are happy to try out your products or services, and provide our personal opinion in the form of detailed and objective review on our website.


Want to make your brand stand out? We are open, with limitations, to some advertising options, including sponsored content. We can partner up with relevant companies and feature your brand or destination on our website through a promotional article.

PLEASE NOTE: our integrity is more valuable than money. We will only promote products & services that we trust, that benefit our readers and align with our travel philosophy. We will never recommend anything that we haven’t personally tested, and our reviews will be 100% fair and honest opinions. Sponsored contents and reviews will include a Disclaimer Notice.

Any other ideas? Let us know what you have in mind.

We are always open to new and interesting options for our collaboration.