Chimbu tribes

For festivals, the Chimbus wear huge headdresses made from feathers of birds of paradise… read more

Eastern Highlands tribes

Tribes from Eastern Highlands Province, renowned for their colourful string bags, called bilums… read more

Enga tribes

Tribes from Enga Province are known for their giant hats made of moss for women and hats for men made of their own hair and grass… read more

Foi tribe

The Foi are recognised by their faces brightly painted in red, yellow and black using special oil… read more

Hewa tribe

They are one of the last tribes in PNG to come into contact with the outside world. Many Hewa remained uncontacted until 1975… read more

Huli tribe

Huli men are known for painting their face and body with red ochre and bright yellow clay, and woven wigs made from their own hair… read more

Kalam tribe

Kalam tribe from Simbai is famous for their impressive headdresses made from thousands of heads of emerald green beetles…. read more

Kaluli tribe

Kaluli tribe from Mt Bosavi, one of the remotest places on earth. The first contact with the Bosavi people was made in 1935… read more

Maprik tribes

Maprik region, the gateway to the famous Sepik River, and the home to Abelam people renowned for their yam cult. … read more

Sepik tribes

Widely known for their impressive, intricately carved spirit houses with soaring gabled roofs called haus tambaran…. read more

Tambul tribes

Tambul tribes with their faces, painted in red and yellow stripes, have fearful warlike expression… read more

Western Highlands and Jiwaka

Tribes from Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces are renowned for their impressive headdresses decorated with huge feathers and shells… read more