Chimbu tribes

For festivals, the Chimbus wear huge headdresses made from feathers of birds of paradise… read more

Eastern Highlands tribes

Tribes from Eastern Highlands Province, renowned for their colourful string bags, called bilums… read more

Enga tribes

Tribes from Enga Province are known for their giant hats made of moss for women and hats for men made of their own hair and grass… read more

Foi tribe

The Foi are recognised by their faces brightly painted in red, yellow and black using special oil… read more

Hewa tribe

They are one of the last tribes in PNG to come into contact with the outside world. Many Hewa remained uncontacted until 1975… read more

Huli tribe

Huli men are known for painting their face and body with red ochre and bright yellow clay, and woven wigs made from their own hair… read more

Kalam tribe

Kalam tribe from Simbai is famous for their impressive headdresses made from thousands of heads of emerald green beetles…. read more

Kaluli tribe

Kaluli tribe from Mt Bosavi, one of the remotest places on earth. The first contact with the Bosavi people was made in 1935… read more

Maprik tribes

Maprik region, the gateway to the famous Sepik River, and the home to Abelam people renowned for their yam cult. … read more

Sepik tribes

Widely known for their impressive, intricately carved spirit houses with soaring gabled roofs called haus tambaran…. read more

Tambul tribes

Tambul tribes with their faces, painted in red and yellow stripes, have fearful warlike expression… read more

Western Highlands and Jiwaka

Tribes from Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces are renowned for their impressive headdresses decorated with huge feathers and shells… read more


The Gulf Festival

The Gulf Festival is organised in a small coastal village in the Gulf Province. Triple headed mask, mesmerizing dances…read more

Bougainville Reeds Festival

The name “Reeds” Festival comes from the reeds, the bamboo panpipes used as a musical instrument…read more

Baining Fire Dance

The Baining Fire Dance is a sacred ceremony unique to the Baining people living in East New Britain Province… read more

The National Mask Festival

The National Mask Festival on the volcanic shores of East New Britain Province. Mysterious and feared Duk-Duk…read more

The Enga Cultural Show

The Enga Cultural Show is an extravaganza of colourful face and body paint, impressive headdresses, traditional songs and rhythmic dances… read more

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival started as a small rural festival in 2007 to become an annual event and the largest festival in the region… read more


Papua New Guinea Sepik River Crocodile Festival

Colourful Sepik Crocodile Festival is a spectacular annual celebration in the heart of one of the most remote and isolated regions of Papua New Guinea. Attracting a variety of river tribes, very diffe...

Papua New Guinea Festivals: Enga Show

Unique and still intact culture, extravaganza of colours, body and face paint, impressive headdresses, traditional songs and frenzied dances make Enga Cultural Show a spectacular event. Its off-the-be...

Papua New Guinea: National Mask Festival in East New Britain

Mysterious and feared Duk-Duk, Kinavai ceremony, impressively dressed dancers from West New Britain, New Ireland and other provinces of Papua New Guinea with their elaborate ancestral and spirit mas...

Papua New Guinea Culture & Traditions: Baining Fire Dance

Sacred and captivating Baining Fire Dance is unique to the Baining people living in the mountain forests of East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea. Performed only on rare occasions, the initi...

Bushwalking in PNG: Burns Peak

One of the most scenic walks around Port Moresby, with blue ocean, undulating hills, spectacular views of the harbour, and picturesque villages on stilts....

Bushwalking in PNG: Taurama Barracks to Malaoro market

Walk from Taurama Barracks to Malaoro market is tough but it’s one of the most scenic walks around Port Moresby. It shows the stunning scenery of Port Moresby surroundings in all its splendour - rip...

Bushwalking in PNG: Mt Diamond waterfall

One of the most popular walks in Port Moresby. Easy and mainly flat, with small creek crossings, green grassland, pleasant shade of the forest and beautiful Mt Diamond waterfall with its refreshingly ...

Bushwalking in PNG: Koitaki Country Club

Short scenic drive out of Port Moresby, and you find yourselves walking near Koitaki Country Club surrounded by a peaceful countryside with picturesque green rolling fields, grazing cows and horses. ...

Bushwalking in PNG: surroundings of March Girls resort

Easy and short walk through the hills surrounding March Girls Resort, stunning views from the top of the ridge with brightly-coloured blue sea, picturesque local houses and palm trees, and relaxing ti...

Bushwalking in PNG: Mt Erima lookout

Short but steep climb to Mt Erima lookout with beautiful views, freshest fruits and veggies found at the nearby PAU Sunday market and unique collection of orchids and birds in the National Orchid Gard...

Bushwalking in PNG: Taurama Barracks to Sero Beach and Pyramid Point

Drive just 15 min away from Port Moresby to Taurama Barracks and walk to Sero Beach and Pyramid Point, and you will discover beautiful surroundings of Port Moresby with green rolling hills and spectac...

Bushwalking in PNG: Varirata National Park

Famous among birdwatchers for its birds of paradise, Varirata National Park is a fantastic place for bushwalking. A great variety of vegetation from woodland to rainforest, beautiful butterflies, huge...

Bushwalking in PNG: Hombrum Bluff Lookout

One of the most challenging walks around Port Moresby. River crossing, steady ascent, tall grass, and wallabies. Scorching sun and heat. But those, who will manage to make it, will be recompensed by a...

Bushwalking in PNG: Bisianamu Rubber Plantation

Exploring the beautiful surrounding of Port Moresby on foot. A pleasant and easy walk through Bisianamu rubber plantation towards a refreshing waterfall....

Papua New Guinea: Bougainville Reeds Festival

The Reeds Festival, held in Arawa town on the remote Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea, is the unique opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of the island. The festival is an ...

Papua New Guinea: Gulf Mask Festival

The Gulf people don’t have many opportunities to participate in sing sing, the traditional festivals organised in other provinces. Attending the Gulf Mask Festival is a rare occasion to catch a glim...


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